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Lisa Baker To Seek New Term As State Senator


LEHMAN – While serving as our state Senator, Lisa Baker has established a reputation for fairness, thoughtfulness, and diligence. Based on her ability to deliver results for taxpayers and communities, and her deep involvement in matters important to the area, Senator Baker is seeking reelection.

“The issues we confront are complicated and controversial,” she stated. “But the expectations that voters have for their elected officials are simple and clear – integrity, good judgment, and responsiveness.”

Pushing for changes to the juvenile justice system following the Luzerne County Kids for Cash scandal, establishing a small disaster assistance program to aid communities when tragedy strikes, and providing incentives to recruit, retain and reward fire and ambulance volunteers are just a few of the ways she has responded to problems.

Baker’s focus on making sure that our obligations to veterans are met resulted in the creation of the Veteran Service Officer program to help our veterans access the benefits they have earned, and the Veterans’ Trust Fund, which has distributed more than $5 million to support veterans and their families.


She points to her work with citizens with special needs, emergency responders and crime victims as some of the most rewarding of her career.

“Voters can inspect my record and the list of laws I have advanced on important subjects ranging from child protection to community safety.”


During the current term, Senator Baker’s attention to getting results is evidenced by her efforts to create savings accounts for individuals with disabilities, to reauthorize and expand the Call Before You Dig service, and to impose tougher requirements to ensure pipeline safety.

She is also proud of her collaboration with local leaders on a wide variety of improvement and development projects, including sewer and water, libraries, hospitals, higher education, and roads and bridges.


“I am grateful for the support and trust that voters have extended,” she said. “My purpose in serving is to work constructively and cooperatively to solve problems, secure reform, and create opportunity.”

Baker added that she will continue to be persistent in seeking approval of legislation important to our region and in traveling across the district, participating in a wide variety of events, and meeting with residents and community officials to learn their views and address concerns.

The 20th Senatorial District includes major portions of Luzerne and Susquehanna counties and all of Pike, Wayne, and Wyoming counties.

Re-Election Announcement